Luxembourg Announces Legalisation of Recreational Cannabis

Today the newly formed government of Luxembourg announced that the country plans to legalise recreational cannabis.


Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, whose mandate as has been extended by the formation of a coalition government between the Democratic Party, the Luxembourg Socialist Workers’ Party, and The Greens, announced the legalisation of recreational cannabis in Luxembourg. The initiative was made public in a press conference on Thursday 29th November along with other popular measures, such as the increase of minimum income and free transportation.

“When the country is doing well, people must benefit from it”, said Bettel.

These measures must be ratified by all parties next Tuesday to be officialised.

Details of when and how the legalisation will take effect are still unknown. Nonetheless, this is groundbreaking news for the European market and a significant milestone for the cannabis industry in Europe, as Luxembourg becomes the first European state to announce a full legalisation of recreational cannabis.

The political and economic repercussions could potentially be large. While only home to a population of just over 500,000, Luxembourg borders France, Belgium, and Germany. All eyes will now be on these neighbours as they react to the formation of a new adult use cannabis industry on their doorstep.

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Pierre-Yves Gallety