Cannabis Europa Conferences Will Plot the Path for Europe’s Medical Cannabis Industry


Cannabis Europa’s inaugural conference brought together 500 speakers and attendees from around the world - from business leaders and politicians to scientists and patients - to help shape Europe’s nascent medical cannabis industry.

Hanway Associates and Prohibition Partners are delighted to announce Cannabis Europa Paris, taking place on February 8th 2019, and Cannabis Europa London 2019 on the 24th and 25th of June.

Europe is poised to become the largest cannabis market in the world, with a forecasted medical cannabis market of over €55 billion by 2028. Encompassing more than 50 countries of different size, character and politics, the European market is significantly more complex than any other medical cannabis market.

On the 8th of February 2019, Cannabis Europa Paris will connect global leaders in medical cannabis with European policy-makers, patients and researchers to support the growth of a responsible and accessible medical cannabis industry.  Cannabis Europa Paris will be held at the Maison de la Chimie - ‘The House of Chemistry’ - a stone’s throw away from France’s National Assembly, and home to the globally esteemed Fondation de la Chimie.

The Paris conference will look to give practical solutions to industry issues, and is centred upon three themes: the francophone markets, European leadership in policy-making and exploring the gap between pharmaceutical and medical cannabis. The conference will provide practical responses to the obstacles in European medical cannabis adoption, examine the pharmaceutical industry’s distinct role in Europe’s cannabis markets and offer insight into what drives Europe’s regulatory process.

Our flagship Cannabis Europa conference also will return to London next year, this time over two days on the 24th and 25th June. Cannabis Europa London will offer unrivalled access to the most influential, inspirational and innovative figures of the medical cannabis industry from across the world.

Cannabis Europa London is not an industry expo, but the foremost arena to meet thought leaders, share knowledge, take inspiration, develop best practice and shape the future of medical cannabis in Europe. European markets still present many more barriers to patient access than those in North America, but the political and regulatory frontier is advancing faster than many imagined possible.

Just five months on from our London conference, Malta has begun sales of medical cannabis, the UK has rescheduled cannabis-based medicine, Germany has restarted its cultivation tender process and France has launched a review into the plant’s medical benefits.

There has never been a more important moment in European medical cannabis history - not just for industry, but for the millions of citizens that stand to benefit from access to safe, regulated and tested cannabis.

I hope that you will join us in Paris and London next year to be a part of it.


Check out the video of Cannabis Europa London 2018 above and browse through the gallery below to see highlights of the inaugural conference at the Barbican, London.

Alastair Moore is the Chief Creative Officer of Hanway Associates and Managing Director of Cannabis Europa. For more information on the upcoming events, visit