Hanway Associates


Founded on Hanway Street in Soho, London, by a scientist, a lawyer and a creative.

We have strong local roots and a global reach: our clients are spread across the UK, Canada and Europe. 

Like the street's namesake, Jonas Hanway, we believe in pioneering social change. When Mr Hanway held aloft London's first umbrella it was met with scepticism but before long the sight was commonplace. Mr Hanway's travel and philanthropy imbued him with a sense a possibility which we see in the nascent cannabis industry.


The cannabis industry presents a unique opportunity for social change, growth and innovation, but with that potential comes great responsibility and challenges. We work with our clients to envision the future and plot a path to make that vision a reality. In order to build fair, sustainable and responsible industries, we ensure our work is compliant, future-proof and profitable to all actors in society.